Bob Ong Quotes Collection In Tagalog

Best Bob Ong Quotes On Love and Life In Tagalog

Bob Ong is the pseudonym of a contemporary Filipino author of his various fiction and non-fiction books, he is an influencer for the Philippines. Basically, he was a web developer and teacher. He Used to share his thoughts/ quotes through his website. Peoples loves his thoughts his philosophy. Here we shared some bob ong love … Read more

Jose Rizal Quotes In Tagalog and English

Jose Rizal is the man who was an inspiration to the Philippine nationalist movement. He had excellent talent at writing, medicine, sketching, architecture, sociology and more. Jose Rizal’s full name is José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. Rizal blessed with many talents he learned more than ten languages he was also good in martial … Read more

Tagalog Friendship Quotes For Your BFF 2023

Can you imagine life without friends? There is no life without friends, right? Every one of us has friends in life, and we spend lots of time with each other. We laugh together, and We cry together. We all are blessed with friends in our life. Here we provided beautiful Tagalog friendship quotes that you … Read more

25 Best Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Tagalog (With Images)

Tagalog motivational saying by Thomas A. Edison

Post is about supper collection of tagalog quotes about life and  tagalog inspirational quotes. Which puts energy to you and let you dream to  goals and if you truly understand meaning you will encourage your self to take action for your goals.No matter where you are, you can make your life as how you want … Read more